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"021" Radio broadcasting company, Ltd. Novi Sad

021 is a place where we can do minimal repairs to the world we live in.
For us, this is a lot, and if it's relevant from the aspect of journalism, great, and if it has a social dimension, even better!
021 has history, results, its brand, people and no one knows Novi Sad better than us!
The company has unique business premises in the center of Novi Sad, a radio station, web portal, web TV, Radio Café, a bookshop, foundation and its marketing team.
We claim that what we have is better and more alternative than anything else in our environment and that 021's concept is better developed, that the books we sell are great, that the Radio Café has an excellent offer, that our radio and digital media are the best, that the journalists and presenters working at 021 are better, more creative and different than others.

Vision: 021 has realized the opportunities new technological platforms and new online markets can offer and is taking great steps in paving its way towards its digital multimedia future.
Mission: We create radio and internet program (radio streaming - web TV - web portal - mobile platforms) and provide services through the Radio Café, bookshop, foundation and marketing team, bearing in mind the full satisfaction of our audience, customers, employees and local community.
Permanent goal: Improvement of our products and services.

021 Marketing team…

… possesses its own capacities for audio, video and TV production. We provide our partners with production and placement of commercial forms in all types of me6dia: radio, TV, press, billboards and online markets. At this moment, we are ready to be partners for all types of campaigns planned for implementation on the territory of Vojvodina and Serbia.
021 marketing gains friends, and its friendly and successful cooperation with clients is based on trust and fair relations.

Radio 021...

… broadcasts a program dedicated to the concept of the non-acceptance of cultural and political populism, a high-quality program that promotes investigative journalism and reports on controversial political and social topics, bearing in mind public interest. Through its entertainment program stupidity is brought to absurdity. This way, the Radio gives its program a unique brand, character and strength.
Frequency: 92,2 MHz
Coverage area: Novi Sad

Today, is the most visited website in Serbia, though it came out from that frame long time ago. The website, broadcasts the program of Radio 021 through streaming, and web TV takes over the news, so the radio, website and web TV are in a continuous interaction.

Radio cafe

Radio Café is a very decent place where you can relax, enjoying a cup of coffee and morning paper in the special atmosphere of the summer garden, set in a shade, the winter garden with an abundance of plants or amongst old radio receivers in a warm and natural ambiance. The most popular writers, publicists, authors from various fields present their works at the café, which then becomes a place of open debates on important social issues.
Radio Café offers excellent conditions for the organization of press conferences, seminars, business receptions and other events according to customers' needs.
In the evenings, concerts, music and dance events, film projections and book promotions are organized. We are proud that Radio Café has enriched the cultural, catering and tourism offer of Novi Sad. We are open to all creative and good ideas of our audience.

BoBo Bookshop…

… is a specially conceived part of Radio Café, completing the cultural activities fostered by Radio Café at 45 Miletic St., where customers can also interact with books. In this unique space in Novi Sad, one will find a wide choice of bestsellers and exclusive issues, works by artist Djordje Kovacev from the village of Curug, as well as creative gifts for dear persons with a distinct attitude and good taste.
"BoBo" Bookshop is also a space where small promotions and booknights are held.

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